Paying Attention

I have no major resolutions for 2009. I typically am not one to make resolutions, though I do see the new year as a good time to reassess, make changes, improvements, set goals, etc. But a resolution is so, I don't know, formal and legal and full of expectation. I don't need that kind of pressure!

I do have things I am going to aim toward this year. Maybe it's all semantics, I dunno. But it makes me feel better to aim toward something rather than resolve to do it. Maybe I'm just a wuss and want an easy way out. Nonetheless, no resolutions here.

However, I am going to aim to pay more attention to things in my life. Since having kids I feel like I move from one task to another, one illness to another, one event to another, one load of laundry to another, one doctor appointment to another, without paying attention. Attention to what, you wonder? So many things.

I'll start with me. I have very, very regular migraines and it is time I start really paying attention to my triggers. I thought I knew what they were but something has changed because I have had near constant migraines over the last few years. I have learned to function with them for the most part but every few weeks I have one that knocks me back. Makes me physically sick to the point I can't function. Makes me cry in pain wondering if I actually have a tumor the size of a grapefruit growing in my head - because that is the only reason for such pain! (all tests reveal I only suffer from mom-brain) I have tried all sorts of medication. Most don't work but I do have one that works occasionally. That's just not good enough with three boys to run after all day.

So, I am going to aim to 1) pay attention to my triggers, 2) eat better. There is no doubt in my mind that some of my migraines are triggered by low blood sugar. I get the kids fed but then fail to put food in my own body. Until later, that is, when I am too tired to fix myself something healthy and resort to snacking, 3) exercise more regularly. This is something I had begun the last couple months of 08 but realize is important in keeping my stress levels down. Stress is a huge trigger, as any migraineur will tell you, and 4) get enough sleep each night. Fatigue is one of my biggest triggers. So this is a must. Not only for migraine prevention but for the sanity of my family. A fatigued mom is not a patient mom. I am also very sensitive to changes in barometric pressure and hormone shifts so I know there is no escaping migraines but hopefully I can get a better handle on things and at least decrease the frequency.

I am going to try and pay attention to a few other things as well. I will tell you about some of those later. Right now I am going to get ready for bed!

On a completely unrelated, and random, note... after spending some time on a dance floor Saturday night Luke has declared himself a FANTASTIC dancer. I just thought you should know. Here he is cutting the rug with our friend Lauren and me.


Terry Family said...

I'm really glad you're going to try and pay attention to yourself. It's not only important for you but your family! I can't believe you tolerated migraines for that long!

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