21 Things about Wil that have nothing to do with Down syndrome

Get It Down; 31 for 21

1. He is the rough one in the family, loves to roughhouse with dad and brothers.

2. He loves swimming. . .

3. as long as he is in control. Don't even think about pouring water over his head.

4. He likes to swing and swing high.

5. He laughs with ease.

6. His favorite food is bug macoroni with vegies.

7. He does not like to wear hats.

8. He likes to be tickled.

9. He loves being outside.

10. He likes music and seems to have a propesnsity toward bluergrass, demonstrated by big grins, swinging legs if in the car, or rocking on hands and knees if in the house.

11. He likes books, he is often found with legs spread flipping pages pointing to his favorite images.

12. He has a healthy self-esteem. He often takes time to stop and applaud himself after accomplishing something. anything. :)

13. He has an eye for detail.

14. He can destroy a clean room in under 30 seconds.

15. He is great at putting things away, especially if you are singing the "clean up" song.

16. He is the best "medicine taker" in this house.

17. He likes to climb up the slide.

18. He makes sure all doors in the house are closed at all times.

19. He loves to play with his brothers.

20. He can smell a doctor a mile away, okay maybe that does have something to do with Ds but it is pretty darn smart!

21. He is as handsome as they come!!


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