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So there are only two days left in the "Get it Down:31 for 21!" challenge. I was hoping to come out a little better than I did but life got the better of me and last week blogger got the better of me. In fact I am having such blogging issues and frustrations that I have decided to move on to another blogger host. I'll fill you in on that in a moment.

First a quick update on what has been going on around here and if I can overcome the picture uploading issues I have been having I will give you some fluff. The major issue is a really long story but I will try really hard to give you the short version. I was going to leave this off the blog altogether because I was so disgusted by it but some friends encouraged me that in the name of parenting boys I should share the joy. Okay, in short - Luke has been peeing behind his dresser at night. Oh, and in the bathroom trashcan because he emptied the toilet of water and didn't want to refill it. So for a period unbeknownst to me he has been filling the trashcan with urine. It was quite heavy. The odor in his room has been difficult to get rid of. For all I know this has been going on since we moved in and has absorbed through the carpet pad into the sub-flooring. Although I was pleased that our friend from Gainesville that came through on Sunday, who claims to have quite the sniffer, didn't pick up the smell of urine. Thanks Kevin. (That's right, I put company to the test. I have been that obsessed with this.) So, there's that. And that is the very short version of the story.

On a fun note. . . we enjoyed a fall festival for kids with special needs put on by the company that provides Wil's early intervention. Events like these really show us the differences in our kids personalities! Luke enjoyed scaling the old fashioned tractor.
Timothy loved sitting on the pumpkin cart. Wil, not so much.
However, Wil really enjoyed talking to the pigs. He has been working on his animal noises in speech therapy so it was fun for him to see the real deal.
And then later that same day we got together with a few friends to celebrate Luke's fifth birthday. It is hard to believe he is five.
Timothy is pushing Wil in good ways as they both advance in reaching milestones. And Timothy flat out amazes us with his appetite. Really, he eats as much as Luke which is saying a lot.
And Luke has been discovering his inner artist. Here he is getting some input from his cousin and pal, Gavin.

Okay, so the blog. I am switching to wordpress. Our new address will be www.waldenhouse.wordpress.com. This will be a process so if you visit now you will not find much more than the template and the header done. I haven't found my way around the wordpress host yet but think overall I will like it better and hopefully won't have the problems I have had here. Just to give you an idea. It took me well over an hour to post this and get these pictures uploaded (and I see that some are not even showing?) when normally this type of post would have been a quick 15-20 minute post. Once I have completely converted I should have it set up so that when you visit this address you are automatically forwarded to the new address until you can get it changed. So anyway, a heads up for you there. And for those of you that read James' blog we will be changing him over at some point too.


Kristen Triplett said...

I cracked up at this post partially b/c you don't seem to be the first Mom of boys to go through this recently. You should ask Kim Gregg about her recent experience with Nate! :) This is definitely something I will have to look out for if we have boys!

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