There are times on our house when the noise can be unbearable to me. I have that sensory overload feeling where I feel like I want to stick my head deep in a hole and scream. I know, that doesn't sound very helpful but that is what I feel like doing. The sound I never tire of is the sound of the boys playing together, most specifically their laughter. And boy can they get going. I just love it.

Today Timothy took an uncharacteristically long nap. Wil took an uncharacteristically short nap. And Luke, well he seems to have dropped his naps altogether. So Wil and Luke got some bonding time without Timothy nudging in. They had a great time as Luke pushed Wil on his "bike", had pillow fights, played ball, and shared lots of laughs. At one point I looked over and Wil was giving Luke one of his famous hugs. I just happened to have my camera in hand (it is so rare that I catch such moments! I usually try to recreate them and you know how that goes!)

Get it Down: 31 for 21! Day 18


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