It doesn't take long

I had just run our heavy, "is there any suction in there?" vacuum over the downstairs rug and carpeted area. I hauled it upstairs where it would sit until I was up for another round of aerobic activity. At least the downstairs was starting to come together. Luke is spending the night out tonight. A baby-sitter is coming to stay with the little guys. James and I are going to our favorite restaurant and to hear a friend play acoustic and sing in a local coffee bar afterwards.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs my little troublemakers had done it again.

I don't even know where the box of crackers were. I don't recall seeing them prior to this. It really is amazing what they can get their hands on. They were not at all happy when I came in to clean up their little mess. Both of them began shoveling crackers in their mouth as fast as their hands would allow and Timothy was even pushing me away as I attempted to scoop up the pile he had gathered in front of him. All I could do was laugh as I headed back upstairs to get the vacuum cleaner, wondering if it would pull up the mashed crackers and cheese.

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Dyson vacuum. ;)

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