3 Croups and a Sinus Infection

So here it is after 8pm and I have not made my Get it Down:31 for 21 post for today. Of course, had I not committed to this challenge I would be lying on the sofa with my Southern Living and a sweet tea right now but the "rule follower" in me is drawn me to the computer.

The reason I am just getting to the computer? I have had three sick kids for a week now. Today we made our fourth trip to the doctor, Wil's second, since last Friday. They have all had croup and obediently taken their steroids (Luke even got two shots to the legs which let me tell ya was not fun!) but Wil, poor Wil, whenever he gets any type of cough or congestion it almost always develops into other types of infection. And that is what we found out today - a sinus infection and two more weeks of antibiotics. It's hard to see the little guy so uncomfortable but we know the drill so hopefully we can get him cleared out soon. For those of you that don't know kids with Down syndrome have smaller airways so they get clogged up pretty easily and therefore when they get colds (or croup in this case) they tend to last longer and often lead to various kinds of infection. So this time of year is tough. And for us this week has been tough and it all seemed to culminate today. Or maybe I just completely ran out of resources today. Either way, it's been a long day, a long week and I am glad it is behind us.

Oh (please inject a hint of sarcasm here) and did I mention that while I was sitting in our den this morning trying to console Wil I looked up and noticed that our ceiling was wet? It is a second story ceiling, nothing above it but attack space sooo. . . could it possibly be that our new house, with a three month old roof is leaking?! It was almost too much for me to consider at the moment but thankfully our warranty department is on the ball and sent someone right over. Turns out it was the A/C, which is housed in the attack, that was backed up and leaking. Problem solved, but now we have to have the drywall guys come in and set up scaffolding in a week or so to repair the ceiling. There is always a convenient time for that with a 1, 2.5, and 4 year old running around! lol

Okay, well, I had some pictures of our sickly brood for you but those aren't uploading for some reason and I am too tired to figure it out.


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