Hidden Treasures?

Every so often I must stop what I am doing to conduct an all out search for Wil's glasses. This happens because a quick glance around proves a more thorough search is needed. Timothy is normally responsible for removing Wil's glasses. Wil takes them back, tries without success to put them on, then hides them. Wil has become quite good at hiding things so this has turned into a time for me to find all sorts of interesting items. Like old disgusting milk bottles or rocks. Today I found this. Having a hard time making it out? Hershey kiss candy wrappers. Lots of them. On the floor. Between the sofa and a stack of books. This is in our "sitting" room and it is on the far side of the room so it is not generally visible, unless you are looking for a pair of glasses. As I look under the sofa I find more. In addition to more wrappers I find a stash of unwrapped kisses.

So I clean it up, pull out the six or so whole pieces and put them on the kitchen island. When Luke gets home from school he spots them. I see him eye them. He looks at me. He looks at them. Then he walks over to see if I have placed more candy in the bowl on the buffet. No. He comes back, still quiet. Then he says, "I think Wil is stealing candy." lol!

Wil is just looking at me smiling while he eats lunch, signing more, oblivious that his big brother is trying to make him the scapegoat. Or maybe he's not. I'm pretty sure he is the kind of guy that just might cover for his brother. I can't wait to see how this relationship unfolds.

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