Monday mornings

So James, being the ever-so-thoughtful one, has decided he is going to make sure I get out of the house on M-W-F mornings for some much needed exercise. Starting this morning. Well, because I have this hacking cough, exercise just wasn't going to happen so I decided an hour out for coffee and some reading would be just as rejuvenating. It was a nice brisk morning so I put on some corduroys, a long sleeve t-shirt and my favorite worn red shoes and was ready to walk out as James was loading Luke, Wil, and Timothy up to take Luke to school. As usual we could not find Luke's backpack so I joined in on the search. Now the preschool backpack serves two purposes. 1) It carries an extra set of clothes should they be needed and 2) it carries the all important folder which is used to transport papers from school to parents. Most of the time I do not see these papers. They generally get dumped in the back of the car or worse left in the folder where the teacher realizes the following week that Luke's mom and dad are not reviewing his work or reading the important messages they are sending home. This is how we missed things like Luke having "show and tell" every Friday, therefore he showed up empty handed the first month of school. Or failing to bring snacks because I missed the paper that told me to do so. Yes, we are those parents, despite our best efforts - okay, so I won't be president of the PTA, who am I kidding? I won't even go to the meetings. So anyway, this morning I grabbed the notebook to sift through last weeks papers as James was backing out of the driveway. Thankfully I was able to flag him down after reading that district two was closed today - there would be no school! Bummer.

Since everyone was loaded up and ready to go somewhere they joined me for my cup of coffee. Not exactly the quiet hour to myself that I had envisioned but it was good just the same. And from now on I will be a dutiful parent and empty Luke's folder at the end of each day. Oh and read what is removed.

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