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We are busy passing some form of illness or another around and around and around. Poor Timothy cannot tolerate his stuffy nose and needs a little extra attention in the evenings. When James is not home this leaves Wil to get into all sorts of mischief. Tonight he escaped from my safe spot for him. I came downstairs to find him back on top of the dinner table. To be fair he was trying to be helpful. He was clearing the evenings dishes for me. I came downstairs to the sound of the plates shattering on the wood floor. Thanks Wil, you sure know how to keep me busy. Oh, and Luke, as usual, looks at me and said, "what mommy, I didn't see. I was drawing."

Tomorrow we have our first of many sessions with the school district as Wil's therapies will transition in March. Over the next several months they will put Wil through a battery of tests that will tell us exactly how delayed he is. On the one hand it is important because this is how he qualifies for services. On the other hand these things stink. We just don't look at Wil and think about all the things he is not doing. We are proud of what he is doing. I was beaming today when I watched him work so hard to swing (in slow motion) his leg over his little bike. He struggled with this seemingly simple task on his own with such concentration and no help. When he got on he just looked up at me and smiled, then honked the horn. :)

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