Quiet moments

I have a great husband. He is kind and generous. He is funny, smart - really smart - great with our boys and very thoughtful. This morning we woke, as is ususal, to the sound of Luke down in the kitchen trying to make his own breakfast. That's his newest thing. Being thoughtful like his dad he doesn't want to wake us so he makes it himself, only problem is he doesn't have the quiet thing down yet. Anyway, James sends me out for some coffee and time to myself with instructions to be home by 10:00. So I did just that. It was really nice.
When I walked in I found our little troublemaker up on the kitchen table rolling the pumpkin to the hardwood floor. I made it over in a few leaps and caught if before it went splat. Luke is sitting next to him coloring like he has no idea there is anything unusual going on. Timothy is crawling around with Wil's glasses in his mouth and James is in the shower. I look around and the place is a mess. The clean dishes have not been emptied from the dishwasher and the sink is full of the mornings mess. The sofa is torn apart and all the cd's are emptied from the armoir drawer. Then James dashes downstairs and out for work. I was left wondering if it was really worth getting out. Ultimately I decide it was. I will grab quiet moments when I can get them and am thankful for a husband who knows I need them and more and more I am learning to embrace the chaos that is our lives.

Get It Down; 31 for 21


Artie's Mom said...

Oh My it sounds like one of my naps when 'da da' is in charge! LOL!

S. said...

Yes--I struggle with that too--but a cup of coffee by myself in the morning sounds heavenly, no matter what chaos I return to!

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