Fair Day

After getting James packed up for his kayaking trip to Lake Jocassee. . . (poor guy)

the boys, Nonnie, and I headed to the SC State Fair. Along with college football the State Fair marks the unofficial start of Fall around here.

Times have changed as evidenced by the metal detectors that all fairgoers must now walk through.
Timothy didn't last long in the stroller. He demanded to be released moments after entering the gates. Timothy is our wild card so it wasn't a huge surprise that he wanted to ride everything, which meant that Nonnie or I had to get on with him since he didn't meet any of the height requirements!
I don't know why I look so distressed here. Maybe it was the disconcerting creaking noise coming from the upper chains on our swing along with the slight drop we felt every time we circled around. That or I am just trying to cement that number 11 between my eyes - because, you know, those deep creases are soooo attractive.

Luke proved to be an appropriate chaperone on some rides. Timothy really got a kick out of that! Wil was interested in only one ride. Some car type thingy's that moved slowly around a circular track. I think it reminded him of the race car cart at the grocery store.
Bumper cars are always a hit. Note the intensity on Luke's face. Timothy really wanted in there. Banging into things, after all, is right up his alley.

While Wil wasn't crazy about going on many rides he thoroughly enjoyed watching them. And cheering on all the other kid's. After a spin on the Ferris Wheel, and a meltdown from Timothy, we called it a day.



My name is Sarah said...

It looks like you had a fun time at the fair. Our Ohio fair is in August. Thank you for telling readers about me yesterday. I could not believe it when I saw my name on your blog :)

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