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October is Down syndrome awareness month. Last year, Tricia at Unringing the Bell challenged those of us that were already blogging to commit to blog for the month of October, 31 days, about Trisomy 21. I accepted the challenge and then life got in the way. You know - the 17th round of rotavirus for Wil, migraines for me, launching a church plant, answering all of Luke's questions. So I faded toward the end of the month. Tricia organized the challenge again and I am jumping on board. The rules are really flexible which will greatly increase my likelihood of finishing strong. Unless I get buried under the piles of laundry around my house and cannot get to my computer.

The point of this is to invite others into the lives of families that really know what living with Down syndrome is like. There is a lot of misinformation out there. New parents and parents-to-be need to receive accurate and hopeful information when receiving a diagnosis. For me, it was the many parent blogs I stumbled across that gave me real insight, hope, and excitement about what life would be like with Wil. Just as every typical kid is unique so is every kid with Down syndrome. There are many bloggers participating this year so I hope you will check them out. If you go to the drop down menu titled "31 for 21" on Tricia's blog you will see the list of everyone participating.

Get it Down: 31 for 21!


Spitmonkey said...

It occurred to me as I was reading your post that I can't help with the insight into the lives of a family with a child that has DS, but I can still blog daily. ;-) Good luck and may the laundry tides ebb!

waldenhouse said...

It is about awareness, Lynn, and you can offer your own. The perceptions you had that have changed, what you have learned about Ds, etc. I think you are great anyway, but you are extra great in my eyes for adding your voice this month. Thanks so much.

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