Day 31

It's been fun blogging every day this month to raise awareness of Down syndrome. I don't know if I necessarily did that. There is certainly a lot more I could have written about Down syndrome and the issues around it, like using people first language, or dispelling myths, or the use of the "R" word. There are other people that write about these things far better than I could so I decided to give you bits of our family, like I normally do. Because really, our lives, with Wil, pretty much reflect a typical family. Yes, we see doctors more often, we have a history of pretty significant medical issues, and Wil requires more attention in certain areas. But really? Those things have become so much a part of our story, our day to day lives, that I hardly think about it. Most days I don't think about the fact that Wil has Down syndrome. I am sometimes caught off guard in public when someone brings it up. I forget that he wears his diagnosis on his face because when I see his face I don't see Ds; I just see Wil, with his brilliant sparkling eyes, his rosy cheeks, and big grin. Just like any other toddler Wil has his playful, happy moments and his ornery, stubborn moments. He has favorite books, toys, food, activities and cartoons. And when he is not aggravated with his brothers he is loving on them.
James and I feel incredibly privileged to be Wil, Luke, and Timothy's parents. They each have important things to contribute to our family and to this world. When parents-to-be face a diagnosis of Down syndrome one of the concerns I hear is for their other children and how they will handle it or how it might negatively impact their lives. I hope that you see from our family that Wil (and his diagnosis) has only strengthened us, deepened our understanding of love, brought us more laughter and joy, and increased our sensitivity to others.
If you have been reading along this month, thanks. I may take a little break. Or not. Depends on the day and what we have going on!
Now excuse me while I go dig through Luke's halloween candy.


My name is Sarah said...

These pictures are so cute.

Lark said...

Hey, you did it! You got 33 posts in this month. I made it to 30, but I'm too tired to write more. Wil is such a cute guy, he gives some good kisses. Is he giving some French kisses there? Grant hasn't figured the whole 'lips only' kiss, he always sticks some tounge in there :o)

Spitmonkey said...

Well the candle might have burned all the fruit flies away, no? ;-)

Anyway, glad to have participated in the 31 Challenge! I shall have to do it again next year! I think once a month I can handle a daily writing. Though now it's become part of my evening routine, maybe it'll keep up.

Hah, who are we kidding? ;-)

Terry Family said...

My first thought when I saw these pictures was - wait till these boys get older and know their mom put these kissing pictures on the Internet for everyone to see!!! lol

Spitmonkey said...

I survived by generally keeping my mouth shut! *LOL* Then I got the heck outta Dodge! ;-)

And totally good points about the election - you are probably right, as much as I am loathe to admit it. :P

I still visit the chat board that I was on out there, but my blood just boils. I've opted to stop going because, well, I just don't need it! :)

Hope all is going well with you!

jennifergg said...


You won the book, WINDOWS INTO HEAVEN at Pinwheels!

Send me your mailing address and I'll get it right out to you...

jennifergrafgroneberg (at)


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