big boy bed. . . or not

To move into a big boy bed or not to move into a big boy bed? That is the question. Wil is 3.5 and getting bigger. He still seems comfortable in his crib though he is definitely filling it up more. He also loves to climb in bed with us or Luke and pull the covers up over his chest, tucking them under his chin. He even throws his arms behind his head like he is ready for a good bedtime chat. But is he ready to move into a bed? I just don't know, because during the night? He is all over that crib. Maybe that means he needs to stay put a little longer.

In the meantime I have given him the bedding I bought over a year ago for he and Luke. Luke's has been on his bed for a year now and Wil's has been in the closet, still in the package, waiting for the day he graduates to a bed. Here he is tucked under his new quilt looking all cute and proud to have bedding like his brother's.


momtofourgirls.Kari said...

He's such a doll! When I needed to get Sadie out of the cribe (because of space) I got a really good bed net rail from Walmart. It just slips under the matteress. So between the wall (which has a pillow shoved in the crack where the matteress lies), the bedrail, and a long pillow at the end- it felt like a crib to her. Before no time, I was able to move the pillow at the end. Good luck- He looks comfortable no matter what!!!

My name is Sarah said...

His crib looks so comfy I want to crawl in too. very cute pictures.

Terry Family said...

That crib does look comfy and maybe that's part of the problem. How many times do we not do something we should because we're comfortable? Not that I think you should make the move - I just thought the irony was worth noting!

A toddler may be just what you need.

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