21 things about Wil, 2008

In honor of Down syndrome awareness month you will find many "21 things" lists on the blogs of parents with children owning an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. I did this last year and will give it another shot this year. Most of the 21 things offered last year are still true but I will try not to repeat.

1. Wil does not like his belly to be exposed. Anytime his shirt comes up he grabs the bottom and pulls it down quickly.

2. Wil says "hi" to everyone that he passes, even the cars that drive by while we are strolling.

3. Wil absolutely, positively, without question cannot stand to have his hair cut.

4. Wil delights in seeing others have fun more than anyone I have ever known.

5. Wil has decided that he does not want to sit in his car seat anymore, he wants Timothy's.

6. If Wil disapproves of the song selection in the car he lets us know with a throaty "aaaaarrrrgh."

7. If Wil approves of the song selection in the car he lets us know with a big smile and swinging legs.

8. Wil requires no less than three hugs to get through most meals.

9. Wil loves his Papa and asks for him at least twice a day.

10. Wil can put away more pancakes than James.

11. Wil loves to be outside. He especially likes to swing in the hammock.

12. Wil rubs and pats the back of whomever he is hugging.

13. When Wil finishes his food or drink (or just doesn't want anymore) he hurls the plate or cup across the room. This drives me crazy.

14. After Wil hurls his plate and/or cup across the room he is instructed to pick it up and return it to the table, which he does obediently. Then he grins largely and applauds himself for his good work.

15. When Wil doesn't want to do something he repeatedly throws his arm out toward unwanted activity as if to push it away while saying "nu, nu, nu" in a very disapproving tone.

16. Wil's favorite song with motions is "Wheels on the Bus."

17. Wil adores his big brother, Luke. When Luke is sitting on the floor Wil loves to stand behind him with his arms around Luke's neck.

18. Wil is not so sure about Timothy but he doesn't offer him kisses before bedtime.

19. Wil is really drawn to baby's.

20. One of Wil's favorite activities is riding in the golf cart with Nonnie.

21. Wil has already taught us far more than we will ever teach him.


Spitmonkey said...

Like you are one to say *I* have a funny kid? I think Luke could give Syd a run for her money. *lol*

I loved reading 21 Things. I read last years again, and it's just so fun to see how much he's grown. All of them, really! :D

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