Our Wild Card

Timothy is our third born. When we discovered another boy was on the way I hoped and prayed that, as the third child, he would be somewhat relaxed. You know, the chilled one of the bunch. With two rambunctious brothers ahead of him he would just go with the flow, be super flexible, handle fatigue with ease, not protest much. That's not too much to ask, right?

But our Timothy? He is our wild card. A boy of high highs and low lows. He is loud and rambunctious and, more so than Luke and Wil, seems to crave very strong gross motor input. In other words he is ROUGH! The rougher the better really. And he can tolerate a lot. When he gets his immunizations he just rubs the shot spot while smirking, nose wrinkled, at the nurse. When he slams his head against mine leaving my eyes tear filled he just rubs his head and moves on.
He spends much of his time just running around the house, literally. Walking just doesn't do it for him. He runs and runs and stops only to aggravate Wil or wrestle with Luke or get into something he shouldn't. Oh, and eat. He stops to eat.

And there he goes, making his lap around the den. He may look like he is walking but he is not - my camera's "kids and pets" mode is pretty good, eh?

Noticing the open window he stops to try and close it.

Then he returns to the center of the den to throw himself on the floor.

Mission accomplished.
And he is off again. Another loop around the house.

Meanwhile, Wil is playing with his favorite musical toy. I see it coming but I can't stop it.

Timothy, spotting Wil, snatches his toy. Just for the hay of it. Wil, upset, screams and runs the other way in anger.

After instruction to give the music box back to Wil, Timothy drops it and runs off. Wil makes his way back to his toy and is happy again.

Timothy, seeking to take things up a notch, makes his way to the couch where he likes to close his eyes and walk off the edge.

When he hits the floor he laughs and laughs.

And so it goes, hour after hour, day after day. Then he spots me and sets his sites on my camera. Alrighty then, bye bye now.



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