pumpkins, hayrides, and cake

That pretty much sums up our afternoon. Luke turned six country style and seemed to enjoy every minute of it.
My big accomplishment today was making his pumpkin cake.
I'm happy to say it turned out pretty well even if a bit more pastel than I wanted. Going along with the pumpkin theme all the kids got to paint their own mini pumpkins.

This cutie is Miss. O and you will be seeing more of her. She stuck close by Luke all day and referred to him as "boyfriend." Huh!?

After painting pumpkins and shirts and pants and various body parts the kids - and a few parents - loaded up for a hayride.


And they are off for a hayride along the country roads, driven by Papa, the man of the Ranch.
Everyone returns in one piece as Papa makes his way to the barn to unload.

Hayrides build up and appetite so we moved straight to cake and ice cream. This is the "back up" cake. You know, in case my experimental pumpkin cake failed.

The pumpkin cake was a hit. And so were there gifts that will occupy Luke's empty bookshelves.

Luke thoroughly enjoyed himself and I think his friends did too. It was a good day!


Lark said...

Great job! Now I'm gonna have to try out a pumpkin cake! I think the orange looks pretty good, and a cute smile too. Looks like Luke had a great time, how fun to have a hayride. Where was that? At your parents' house? I love these kinds of birthdays, they seem like much less stress, more homemade.

Spitmonkey said...

Aw, the cake turned out very nice!! I love it! :D And wait, isn't he too young to have a girlfriend?? I swear, these kids today... ;-) Glad to hear he got lots of presents to fill his bookshelf up! ;-)

My name is Sarah said...

Looks like a great time. I love the pumpkin cake.

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