When Wil was one month, two weeks old he started receiving early intervention therapies. These therapies included physical, occupational, and speech. When we moved to SC an early interventionist was added to the list, each seeing him weekly. At first it was a little tough watching him in therapy. He had such a rough time. He resisted every step of it - particularly physical and occupational where he had to work so hard. Over time he came to love both of those therapies and has proven to be a really hard worker, pushing through gross motor exercises like he is in training for the olympics.

Speech therapy, however, has been a favorite from the beginning. Wil enjoys the various instruments the therapist uses to massage his facial muscles to "wake up" his mouth and he loves all the books. Next to playing with musical toys, "reading" keeps Wil's attention longer than anything else. He flips the pages, points, makes his corresponding sounds, and flips some more.
Wil doesn't speak yet, we don't know when he will. He does communicate through sign, pointing, and other vocalizations. And boy can he vocalize! He may not be able to form words yet but he will not be outdone by his brother's loud mouths. But when Wil is quiet and I go looking for him I usually find something like this.

Curious George is a favorite. In fact, he can do a killer monkey imitation!



Spitmonkey said...

We are going to need to hook you up with a video camera or something. I'm itchin' to see this killer monkey imitation!! :D I'm so proud of him for coming so far, and very happy he loves his therapy! :)

Lark said...

how adorable :o)

Chris said...

John LOVES book and reading too. He's also very fond of musical toys. I have heard this about a lot of kids by Ds; it makes me wonder WHY?

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