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Luke has a birthday coming up. We have talked on and off about it for a month now. Mostly about his party - what type of party he wants, who he wants to invite, what kind of cake, etc. He has said virtually nothing about gifts. He hasn't asked for anything or suggested anything or dropped any hints. He is mostly concerned with his friends being there, especially Olivia, the girl he has been sweet on since pre-school. (they go way back!) Luke's seeming lack of interest in the gift receiving part of his birthday had me feeling pretty proud. My boy, he is not all about material things. He just wants his friends around him. What a mature guy - at 6 his priorities are so impressive. I think I will pat myself on the back for instilling such fine qualities in him.

And then, earlier the other day, realizing the unusual silence in the house I went up to his room to find out what he was doing in there. I found this. . .

He had removed everything from the top three shelves of his bookcase and crammed it all on the bottom two shelves - and between the bookcase and the wall - in order to "make room for all the presents I will be getting for my birthday." He went on to ask if everyone would be bringing him a gift and if it was possible that each person attending might give him more than one gift. He was slightly disappointed with my answer to that last question.

So, I took my hand off my back and gave my soon to be six year old a hug and told him I hoped he really enjoyed his party - friends, cake, gifts, and all.



Spitmonkey said...

I was probably in the middle of working on the site. *lol* TypePad has upgraded their posting mechanism, and as we know, that means errors. So I can see your post, but my post from today isn't showing up. It's weird.

Def show me something you might like! I have some page kits and since I've been working on my scrapbooking style hopefully I'm better at it now. *lol*

Lark said...

That is a cute bookshelf, so potterybarnish. It does look like it needs a few presents on it :o) How is the pumpkin cake planning coming?

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