pumpkin carving

Today was a dreary, cool, wet Fall day. Perfect for drinking hot chocolate and carving pumpkins. So that's what we did.
Luke drew the design, James did the carving, and Wil and Timothy made the mess.
We set up in the garage and James got to work. Luke is definitely not going to be in the medical profession. We have known this for some time now. The sight of blood causes a complete meltdown, he can't handle splinters - not so much because of the pain but the sight of the splinter in his skin - or skinned knees because they ooze and that makes him cringe. Luke had a similar reaction to the pumpkin guts. Eeeeww, grooossss. But he was very helpful in passing the spoon to scoop it all out.

With the pumpkin cleaned out Luke's design was drawn and carved.

While they worked on the pumpkin Timothy pumped himself full of air.

Then he joined Wil to rummage through the recycling bin. Hey, they were content.

With Luke's pumpkin complete it is James' turn to design his pumpkin face.

Wil, the consummate encourager, applauds each car that drives by.

Luke's pumpkin poised to greet next weeks trick-or-treaters.

James' is poised to scare them.



My name is Sarah said...

I love your pumpkins. Looks like you had fun.

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